NMF Primary Care Leadership Program (PCLP) Application Available

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The NMF Primary Care Leadership Program (PCLP) provides medical and graduate-level nursing and physician assistant students a valuable opportunity to examine firsthand primary healthcare in key areas of the US. PCLP Scholars receive a scholarship stipend to cover travel and living expenses incurred during the program.

About the Program: Faced with an increasing shortage of primary healthcare professionals in the United States, the NMF Primary Care Leadership Program (PCLP) develops future leaders in the field, improving access for the nation’s most underserved communities. For six weeks each summer, PCLP Scholars experience the challenges and rewards of primary care in community health centers (CHCs) across the nation through leadership training, service-learning projects, and healthcare delivery.

PCLP application information and guidelines are available on the NMF website, at www.nmfonline.org/PCLP. You may also contact them via email at pclpinfo@nmfonline.org

Application Deadline: January 31, 2018



2018 PCLP Recruitment Flyer – CA

2018 PCLP Brochure v3


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Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines – Dec. 22nd

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The Latino Medical Student Association sponsors several scholarships for pre-med and medical students. Award amounts vary, and the deadlines are approaching for 3 of them (Due: 12/22/17).

Here is a link to our scholarship webpage: Current LMSA Scholarships

Apply now! And best of luck to you all.

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2018 Summer Internship Program by Nth Dimensions – APPLY NOW

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Apply for the Orthopaedic Summer Internship program, sponsored by Nth Dimensions Educational Solutions and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS).

All medical students are encouraged to apply for this program especially designed for first year gender and ethnic minority medical students, including those enrolled in the AAOS, J. Robert Gladden, or Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society mentoring programs.

Summer interns work side by side with experienced orthopaedic surgeon preceptors in a challenging academic or private practice environment. Students prepare and defend poster presentations at the National Medical Association (NMA) Annual Convention and attend elements of the AAOS Annual Meeting the following spring.

For more information or to apply online, visit www.nthdimensions.org
Accepting applications: November 1, 2017 – January 15, 2018

Information Flyer available HERE

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LMSA for Puerto Rico – Medical Student Scholarship

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Mini-grant Scholarships for Medical Students in Puerto Rico


This award will fund a one time, non-renewable, relief scholarship of $500.00 for medical students in Puerto Rico who have experienced financial hardships due to Hurricane Maria.

Medical schools in Puerto Rico are American medical schools. Puerto Rican medical students are Latino medical students training in the U.S. LMSA is proud to have a chapter in Ponce, regional Southeast meetings in Puerto Rico, and Puerto Rican medical students throughout all our regions on the US mainland. Our colleagues in Puerto Rico have suffered damages to their homes, community hospitals, and medical school institutions. While in severe financial trouble, they are unable to apply for increased financial aid loans. Schooling carries on in the wake of the crisis, and students are working hard to move forward academically without internet, transportation, and even food, water, and electricity.

As we think about the short term and long-term impact of this tragedy on the already growing health crisis of Puerto Rico, we recognize that LMSA, and all medical institutions on the US mainland, have a responsibility to support our fellow medical students currently training in Puerto Rico. As student stories and testimonials reach LMSA, we will continue to develop and expand our efforts through increased fundraising and advocacy.

Mini-Grant Eligibility:

  1. Students must be enrolled in years 1-4 in the following medical schools:
  • Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • San Juan Bautista School of Medicine
  • Universidad Central del Caribe School of Medicine
  • University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine
  • UMHS, St. Kitts
  1. Students must fill out the Mini-grant Application below (Deadline for submission: Nov 13th 11:59 EST)

Applicants with difficulties meeting basic needs will be prioritized in the initial grant cycle. As our fund grows we hope to be able to provide additional grants.



  • Please donate to grow the LMSA-PR Fund to allow us to provide additional scholarships to students! To donate, visit lmsa.me/LMSA4PR

Want to join the LMSA-PR Emergency Task Force?

This task force administrates the mini-grant program and advocates for medical students in Puerto Rico by encouraging residency programs, medical schools, and organizations such as the AAMC to be more responsive to the needs of medical students in Puerto Rico.


From LMSA to Puerto Rico, with love,

The LMSA-PR Emergency Task Force

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#DefendDACA and our Immigrant Communities

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Dear LMSA Family,
Our fellow immigrant brothers, sisters, and families, are under threat again. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton along with attorney general from various other states sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the current administration calling for the end of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) by September 5thLMSA West is committed to fighting for the safety and stay of the 11 million undocumented immigrants in our country.
Below are some resources and things you can do to protect our families:

As we fight to protect DACA, we must not forget that there are many immigrants who are not protected under DACA who also need our support.

If you are an undocumented pre-health or health professional student, we want to hear from you! Please email us your story and a picture to be featured in our newsletter and LMSA West Facebook page. We can also feature your story anonymously. 
If you are interested in doing more policy work with LMSA West, join our Google Group.
In solidarity,
2017-2018 LMSA West Co-VPs of Policy
Marcela Zhou Huang vp_policy@lmsa.net
Web: lmsa.net/west   |   Facebook: facebook.com/LMSA.West    |   Twitter: twitter.com/lmsa_west

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